Intruder Alarms

Many companies, in our experience simply have a default Burglar – Intruder Alarms system they fit regardless of what’s best for that customer or indeed what they want, often influenced by what’s on offer at the local supplier or a standard fixed kit. This isn’t the case with Engineered Security. With keen pricing across a range of quality equipment we can tailor a system for you, at a competitive price that won’t break the bank.

As a professional company we don’t fit and forget systems, your price will include 12 months full guarantee and Engineer support/cover. Following this you will be offered an optional maintenance plan at a competitive rate. No ongoing rental fees or hidden charges behind a ‘too good to be true’ headline price, the equipment will be yours nice and simple.

The security systems we install for your home or business are fully graded and high quality, fitted to current BS/EN standards. Whether this means a standard Burglar Alarm system when you simply want to enter your code or present your tag, leaving your property secured and forget about your system until you return.

Burglar Intruder Alarms system Tag

Or perhaps you have more complex requirements involving specific detection types, visual verification or a phone notification when its been triggered. Perhaps you’d like to access your system remotely through your smartphone? 

Over the last few years domestic customers in particular are tending to shy away from Police monitored alarms due to the lower priority given and the restrictions etc involved, this combined with the large annual fee’s. Instead more and more people are opting for self monitoring.

Due to this the majority of  Burglar – Intruder Alarm systems we offer have the optional capability (often built in) to be connected to a phone line or network internet connection to allow the user to be notified when the system triggers – either by a simple phone call, SMS or even via a Smartphone App. This then allows you to decide the next step with no ongoing costs beyond the price of the call.

We can offer advice if you aren’t sure what you require and likewise let you know if we think your going overkill! We can setup as little or as much as you need.

Wireless Intruder Alarms

Today’s wireless Burglar Alarm systems are thankfully nothing like the ones from many years ago. They run on their own dedicated frequencies to avoid interference. Changing the batteries every 6 months or year is a thing of the past as they are powered by long life lithium batteries. Having installed modern RISCO wireless Intruder Alarms since release around 2006, issues or callouts haven’t risen at all –  in fact we’re emergency repairing damaged cables a lot less!

They have the advantage of causing the least disturbance during the install, and are often the most flexible for future additions.

We can install a fully wireless Burglar Alarm system for example called the Agility 3 which only requires a mains supply, no wires to the keypad, sounder or any zones.

There is a massive range of accessories that can be fitted including Gas, Carbon Monoxide, Smoke and Flood Detectors. Also possible is Alerts if elderly parents are immobile in the home for over a specified time frame and water-resistant wristband Panic Transmitter.

Download the Agility 3 Brochure
Risco Agility Alarm PanelRisco Agility Alarm KeypadRisco Agility Keypad in WhiteRisco Alarm Wireless Sensor for homes with pets

Wired/Hybrid Intruder Alarms

Wires still have a definite place in the industry. If you’re looking for a larger Intruder Alarm system, especially on a commercial level then often a wired system is still often more suitable. If your building is also undergoing building works then first fix wiring will be less of an issue on an aesthetic and cost front or your property may already have some usable cabling installed for some devices.

More complex installations in commercial and industrial properties will likely be based on a wired or hybrid system.
The Lightsys 2 from Risco is a powerful system that offers the most flexible design possibilities due to multiple wiring methods supported, along with the sheer number of add on modules including wireless to create a hybrid (wired/wireless) system. GSM and IP modules enable remote access to add even more control and flexibility. They make a great choice for small upgrades right up to 50 zone mid size installations, with various technologies incorporated all onto one system.

Download LightSYS 2 Brochure

Lightsys 2

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If you’d like to know more about what we can offer you in a Burglar – Intruder Alarm system give us a call and we’ll be pleased to talk you through the options. We’re based near Newark with a concentration of existing work in the Nottingham area. We also cover further afield between Mansfield to Melton Mowbray and Grantham to Ilkeston, and the numerous areas between.