CCTV SystemsCCTV is a constantly growing market and the technology is always advancing. The main reason for this is in modern society it has become more and more important to not only provide a high level deterrent, but in the event that’s not enough you can actually have hard evidence of a crime and the suspects involved.

With police forces ever more stretched, domestic and commercial individuals are putting more effort than ever into making their properties as uninviting as possible. Quality cameras and the recording method to back them up in a CCTV system are certainly one of the best ways to achieve this.

Unfortunately so many times we see premises that have CCTV installed that when needed turns out to be almost worthless due to poor images. Misinformation and exaggeration is very common in the CCTV industry and many installers get away with using poor quality low end products. A common example would be referring to a higher camera resolution, while conveniently not mentioning that the recording unit cannot actually record in that higher resolution. Why not avoid the disappointment or future upgrade and lets do it right first time – ready for when it matters!

Engineered Security can offer you small home security camera systems to provide a strong deterrent, and the safe and secure feeling your family wants. For the commercial customer, who perhaps has more demanding surveillance needs, we can install a CCTV system using a range of powerful cameras and recording equipment. First and foremost we’ll discuss what you want to achieve – a general overview of an area or do you want close up identification possible? If you aren’t asked these kinds of questions your ‘installer’ doesn’t truly understand CCTV.

The latest developments in CCTV systems include much higher quality of images and recording, involving multi-megapixel IP cameras or the latest HD over coax cameras that record  in full 1080p HD resolution and even higher if required. 

This allows an extremely high image quality similar to what you will have seen on HD TV channels. Using these High Definition cameras can allow 1 camera in a CCTV System to cover a wider area, while still capturing the detail you need which wasn’t possible before.

As an AXIS Authorised Partner we have access to the full range of high quality IP cameras, equipment and support from one of the best brands on the market amongst others.

Off site remote viewing is possible either through a PC or Smartphone browser or dedicated App on iphone and Android devices. We have extensive experience in setting up remote viewing on various scales, and without involving 3rd parties to handle the IT setup.

CCTV CameraCCTV CameraCCTV CameraAXIS Authorised Partner

The features of a modern Digital Video Recorder (DVR)  or Network Video Recorder (NVR) are very impressive but a brief overview would be as follows:

● H.265 Video Compression
● Enhanced GUI interface
● Real-time Recording & Playback
● Remote Connection over Web Browser
● Remote access by Smartphone App
● Instant Playback
● Instant Archiving
● Archive to USB / DVD / Network/ External HDD
● Log Recording

● CMS Software to allow remote viewing and admin of multiple units in a commercial setting

This may sound a little intimidating but the CCTV systems are actually very straightforward, with either mouse or TV style remote control. Once installed and setup they will happily sit there recording away with very little user action!

If you’d like to know more about what we can offer you in a CCTV system give us a call and we’ll be pleased to talk you through the options. We’re based near Newark with a concentration of existing work in the Nottingham area. We also cover further afield between Mansfield to Melton Mowbray and Grantham to Ilkeston, and the numerous areas between.